Sunday, February 9, 2014

We're Cooking!

January 25th, 2014

Here we are.... After months and months of planning, we finally made it!

The day was Saturday... The sun shone strangely very brightly that day. After many long nights without good sleeps, Audrey's Kitchen was finally opened.

We spread the words and invitations every where we went that week. And finally, more than 100 guests arrived on our Soft Opening Day.

Our beloved guest chef, Chef Stefu, arrived right on time at 10 o'clock. He looked around and said "Wow!" He loved our decorations and simplicity. He couldn't wait to host his cooking show later that day. And What a relief when we saw people started storming in our hearty shop!

It was scheduled at 10 am, but as many Indonesian's events.... The guests came an hour later. The heat of the sun didn't stop them to come on our opening day, though. And we forever thank you for you all!

Ms. Yuli Widjaja was our host. She opened the event at 11 am sharp! No more waiting since everyone involved had come to the show. Thank you, Maevy Project! Thank you, Fincook! Thank you, Kitchen Aid! Thank you, Blue Gaz! Thank you, Finna! and many others who supported our opening day!

The event was followed by the opening speech by Ms. Audrey herself as the owner of Audrey's Kitchen, then cutting of the rice cone and the bow as the symbol of inauguration.

People were getting thicker and thicker when Chef Stefu showed us his cooking skills on Cooking Demo of SWEDISH MEAT BALL. He also made some pasta sauce worth to taste... Yummy!

When the cooking show was over, we let people to explore our shop. Some had a great time doing photo shots in our Photo booth, some went upstairs to see our cooking class, and more people shopped our FROZEN FOOD products. We indulged them with 50% discount! So, less than an hour... everything was sold out! It was a pleasure to serve you all....

The time had come to end the show. We invited our guests to taste some of our products by having free lunch. We served our Beef Rendang, our Ayam Kalasan, our Cakalang Pedas, and many more. And everyone just LOVED them all ...

As the guests started to say goodbye, we handed them our free gifts: The Special SAMBAL TERASI Hot. Yups... We gave away our best product to our kind guests. Enjoy, All!

Now, we're COOKING! So, when you stroll along Gading Serpong, please take your time to visit our shop. It's at RUKO THE SPRINGS BOULEVARD BLOCK SPRU NO. 50 Summarecon - Gading Serpong. Feel the homy feeling of our shop, the great taste and the healthy products of our Homemade Frozen Food.

With lots of love,

Audrey's Kitchen

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yummie sambal and that cakalang just ...SPECIAL dear ....